7 Common Questions about Virtual Data Rooms and the Answers

Digital data room is a widely used software in a business environment. It facilitates the processing of business operations. If you are interested in this solution, here are 7 common questions that will help you understand its functionality better. 

Virtual data room – new digital solution for the company’s management

Digital data rooms are becoming more and more relevant. They allow you to quickly and efficiently solve current problems, adapt to changes in the company, minimize costs and increase work efficiency. Companies are forced to pay attention to improving business processes to stay successful, increase productivity and maintain quality standards.

7 Common questions about data room

Business leaders have many questions when looking for innovative solutions to optimize their daily operations. But, as a rule, they want to know everything in detail about a certain product. So, there are the top 7 common questions about data room software:

  1. How secure is a data room for business?

The data room system provides all the operations of processing, orderly storage, and use of the archive of electronic documents following the legislation on archival storage and internal requirements of companies. User rights in the system regulate access rights to file cabinets and documents following their classifications and the set of functions available to this user.

  1. What are the common data room functions?

The data room functionality focuses on developing and improving the company’s organizational processes. For example, the formation of attribute cards of commodity items, saving an image in ms word, pdf format, maintaining journals of papers and classifiers, and searching for material cards – this is only a part of the tasks performed by the program. 

  1. What are the best data room vendors?

The modern IT market is saturated with various options for such programs. The most striking examples of data rooms include iDeals, Intralinks, Merill, Onehub, Datasite, Ansarada, Firmex, Digify, etc. iDeals is the world market leader in such systems. The platform allows managing enterprise documents at all stages of the life cycle and solving the problems of complex automation of various business processes.

  1. Much does the software cost?

The data room has a relatively high implementation cost because it is a “constructor” from which the necessary functionality is assembled. Different vendors provide different plans. The price depends on the number of users and pages, the type of project, etc. But almost all software providers offer a free trial plan for 1 month so that customers can understand if a certain solution is suitable for their company.

  1. How is the system set up? 

The data room is presented in a format similar to Excel spreadsheets with an enterprise customer base. If you click on the icons in the buyers’ lists, customer cards open, where in chronological order, all points of contact with each are indicated – from a cold call to the completion of a transaction. There is a purchase history here.

  1. In what business areas is a data room used?

Virtual data room is implemented in most business spheres for organizing secure and transparent business transactions. The data room companies’ most frequent users are involved in M&As, IPOs, venture capital and real estate deals, due diligence procedures, etc. 

  1. How to work with contracts in a data room?

Approval of contracts is launched in the program following the configured routes, in which you can specify the list of approving persons, the procedure, and terms for approval. In case of delay, the approval escalation can be set to the responsible person.